Castwoman Career Assessment

Personality and career tests can be useful in transitional moments of your career. Whether you are looking for your first job or you're interested in a career change, an assessment can be a good way to discern which choices might be ideal for you.
This test won´t provide you with a definitive answer on what you should do with your life. Rather, it can be a tool in your overall career planning, helping you to make a better-informed choice.
When you complete the CASTWOMAN personality and career test, you will first be shown if your interests are suited to a professional development within the field of the industrial and foundry area. It will only take you 5 minutes to complete. Go ahead!

Strongly DislikeDislikeUnsureLikeStrongly LikeTechnological competencies
Use technology and IT
Analyze waste samples and managing them
Follow and monitor the production process
Use Mobile technologies, technology that is portable (internet-enabled devices like smartphones, laptop, tablets, netbook computers, watches....)
Work with digital security, data and network
Use statistics
Use of Big data (huge collection of data: Social media, cloud applications, machine sensor data...) to reveal patterns, trends, and associations
Collaborate with robotics and artificial intelligence
Know the Automation process
Use and work with precision machines (3D printers, cutting tools…)
Analyze the structure of metallic materials
Be aware of the industrial maintenance
Be aware and know about machine learning (a type of artificial intelligence that enables self-learning from data and then applies that learning without the need for human intervention)
Strongly DislikeDislikeUnsureLikeStrongly LikeFoundry technical competences
Drive a forklift to transport objects/materials within the factory
Design the final piece
Production of models and molds
Perform melting and casting into molds
Prepare machines and installations for automatic processes
Verify casting products
Furnace maintenance
Load the smelting furnace
Demoulding of finished pieces
Perform heat treatment to obtain required mechanical properties
Perform the final piece manually
Strongly DislikeDislikeUnsureLikeStrongly LikeSocial skills
Negotiate to obtain my interests
Try to consider the others point of view and feelings
Strongly DislikeDislikeUnsureLikeStrongly LikeInterdisciplinary work environment competencies
Have the facility to adapt to changes
Introduce new ideas, with original and creative thinking.
Attraction for the challenges, the new things
Learn every day; no matter where or when
Strongly DislikeDislikeUnsureLikeStrongly LikeOrganization skills
Carry out a planning of my work establishing deadline
Planning and work organization I always make good use of my time
Understand concepts that are real but which are not directly tied to concrete physical objects and experiences (Abstract thinking)
Recognize Customer needs and satisfaction level
Maintain order and cleanliness in the workplace
Try to solve the problems that arise
Set goals independently and take the initiative to achieve them
Strongly DislikeDislikeUnsureLikeStrongly LikeLeading and deciding competencies
Leadership / Lead a team
Be aware of the safety and enviromental rules and apply them